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Letter to the Editor: Vote ‘Yes’ for the Recall


The most important issue facing San Francisco voters is the recall of District Attorney Chesa Boudin. Contrary to the three commentators in the May 2022 edition of the Richmond Review who oppose recall, Mr. Boudin has not only demonstrated that he is unfit to serve, but his tenure has proven to be so dangerous that recall is mandated. The arguments against recall are not tenable. 

First, the recall is not a Republican or Mayoral power grab, but a fundamental exercise in democracy.  There are scarcely 12,000 registered Republicans in the city; 83,000 signed the recall petition to place the issue on the ballot. Thus, this is not a Republican-led recall.

In fact, Mary Jung, a member of the DCC for years, is leading the recall.  Although the Mayor will appoint an interim district attorney, she or he will stand for election in November.  Probably anticipating his recall, Mr. Boudin has already begun organizing a campaign in November. 

Second, and most importantly, Mr. Boudin’s eclectic and unproven policies have placed the city in jeopardy.  His repeated decision to defer prosecution of dangerous criminals has resulted in the death of at least ten citizens.  This carnage started on December 31, 2020, with the deaths of two women on New Year’s Eve when Troy McAlister killed them driving a stolen car while he was intoxicated. Mr. McAlister had been arrested five times since his release from state prison nine months earlier and should have been removed from the street if Mr.Boudin had performed his duties. Several other citizens died because Mr. Boudin refused to perform his duties. 

For example, Jack Palladino was killed by a criminal who had been previously arrested in a Turk Street shooting.  Although the SFPD arrested the suspect, Mr. Boudin refused to charge him, leaving him free to murder Mr. Palladino.  In another example, the police arrested a convicted felon for possession of a firearm, although the Penal Code only requires that the firearm is within reach of a felon and presence in an automobile compartment qualifies as possession.

Yet Mr. Boudin demanded DNA evidence, which is normally not available on firearms. Three months after Mr. Boudin declined prosecution, the SFPD arrested this felon for murdering two people on Portrero Hill. There are numerous other examples and at least ten people have died as a result of Mr. Boudin’s policies.

Third, Mr. Boudin, who has no prior administrative experience, appears incapable of running an office.  The staff turnover has been absurd.  The assistants who have left describe a demoralized office that lacks seasoned attorneys. Chesa takes over cases from his assistants and cuts deals with his buddies at the Public Defender.  His deals have been so absurd that several judges have rejected them.

Mr. Bouidin has placed our beautiful city at risk.  If you care about San Francisco and you desire it to be safer, please vote to recall Mr. Boudin.   

Christopher Rillo

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  1. Make no mistake. And stop deluding yourself. The June 7 vote is a political Coupd’etat. $1.4MM to mercenaries funded by cowardly wealthy extremists to get on the Ballot Spending millions in Dark PAC money to overthrow a democratically elected DA. Extremists who lack the Guts to stand up and debate Chesa face to face. Each and every San Francisco voter who supports this attempted Coup d’etat is driving a stake into what’s left of Democracy in America.


  2. The Only thing that Christopher Rillo is right about in this article is that the most important issue facing San Francisco voters is the recall of District Attorney Chesa Boudin. That is true! This recall is a way for deep-pocketed shadowy Republican Operatives to divide the citizens of San Francisco by spending huge out of town dollars to create discord and promote a wedge issue (The Recall) to divide the good people of San Francisco. We need to shut down this and all recall campaigns. Recall campaigns are counterproductive to good governance in California. The best thing voters can do is restore good governance to San Francisco and say NO to these recalls.

    People voted Chesa Boudin in to change the failing San Francisco judicial system to make it more fair for people who currently have no way to defend themselves. That is what he is doing. You don’t like it? No worries. Vote him out in the next election. Recalls are anti-democracy instruments of people with big money to spend because it is worth it to them and their own interests. Let government work and don’t waste the people’s money with bogus recall efforts that rob the city’s coffers and takes city employees time away from the real issues that need to be solved in our city.

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  3. Mr. Rikki,

    Thank you for being a voice for all the victims of crime in this city. Help us by sending a strong message to the criminal network in the bay area that open, fearless lawlessness in the city and county of San Francisco will no longer be tolerated, vote YES on H.


  4. Another example of why Chesa Boudin needs to be recalled:

    To date 20.8 kilos of fentanyl have been confiscated by the police. Chesa Boudin does not have a single conviction.

    San Francisco deserves a DA that can work WITH the police to make the city safer. Boudin is not capable of doing his job.


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