Letter to the Editor: Children Replace Hateful Messages With Welcoming Notes of Love

I’m a nanny, and the kids I care for, Kento, age 7, and Miya, age 8, noticed vandalism on the wall of the soccer field at West Sunset ball fields. It seems that there had been a fire and then someone used the ash from the fire to write “HELL TO EVERYONE GAY” on a wall everyone must pass walking onto the field. We were early for practice and Miya immediately thought to clean it.

‘Overtures and Undertows’: When San Francisco Plays a Supporting Role in Films

There are a lot of highly regarded movies filmed in San Francisco, including Alfred Hitchcock’s 1958 noir masterpiece, “Vertigo” and the 1968 slow-burn, groundbreaking action thriller, “Bullitt,” starring Steve McQueen as a brooding but honest police lieutenant. Every cinephile has seen those classics. I’d rather explore a few other significant (and more recent) films, where San Francisco does more than provide a dramatic, textured backdrop. The City is actually a supporting character.