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‘The Front Steps’: The Most (and Least!) Expensive UNSOLD Richmond Homes of 2021

With 2021 drawing to a close we already examined some of the most notable Richmond home sales of the year, but what about those that have yet to close the deal?

With the holiday weekend nigh, a mere 19 homes remain listed on MLS in the neighborhood (Lake Street and Sea Cliff not included–the single Sea Cliff home still for sale is in fact the famous/infamous “Lucky Luke” house, incidentally, but that’s a tale for another day), of which the most ambitious is the tall five bed, five bath 4,460-foot circa 1998 house at 261 17th Avenue.

This place hasn’t sold since it was built (the property last traded hands in 1996, before construction of the current domicile), and it sports some highly singular assets, like the frosted slate facade, classy winding marble staircase, and coffered ceilings that make it really stand out in a sea of somewhat same-y houses at the same price point.

After landing on the market in October, this one has stuck around for nearly 80 days chasing a more than $3.8 million list price. So far no takers–but the year is not over yet.

And if you don’t have nearly $4 million to drop on a Richmond home then the good news is you can indeed net a deed for a fraction of the price–right now the least expensive Richmond home on MLS is a one bed, one bath condo a few bocks away at 471 23rd Avenue.

This is advertised as a brand new conversion, hitting the market for just under $624,000 a couple weeks ago. Note that that’s just about exactly the median price for a condo across all of California and about half of the SF median in November, according to the California Association of Realtors, so while $624K is not a sum to take lightly, it is, in Richmond terms, a bargain.

Assuming there are any takers? Odds are some will come along–out of nearly 500 listings in the district this year, 86 percent finished in a sale.

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