Golden Gate Park


haze hippie hill

A large cloud of marijuana smoke rises at 4:20 p.m. during a clear, sunlit day at Hippie Hill in Golden Gate Park during the annual 4:20 festival, held on April 20. This year, the SF Recreation and Park Department worked with local merchants to sponsor the event and pay for clean-up. Photo by Michael Durand.

big blunt

Many attendees were smoking blunts, which are joints made out of marijuana and tobacco. Photo by Michael Durand.

girls from roseville

At least three women made the trip from Roseville to enjoy the 4:20 festivities. They are (left to right) Amanda Thompson, Macy Felkins and Melissa Wade. Photo by Michael Durand.


This year a full stage with live music and DJs entertained the crowd at Sharon Meadow and Hippie Hill. Photo by Michael Durand.

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