Police Blotter

Police Blotter

Forcible Entry, Residential Burglary: March 13, 4:44 p.m., 2000 Block of 40th Avenue

A home was broken into and ransacked, including damage to a front gate lock, which was determined to be the point of entry.

Two male suspects were seen by a witness.

Malicious Mischief, Vandalism to Property, March 13, 8:26pm, 1000 Block of 39th Avenue

A man found suspicious dam- age to his property when trying to replace a broken bag that pro- tected his security key holder. The holder had been subjected to prying, which resulted in marks.

Assault, Robbery: March 14, 6:17 p.m., Sunset Boulevard and Irving Street

Chemicals were used to tem- porarily blind a woman who was out for a walk. Two unknown suspects approached the victim to spray her eyes, and then pro- ceeded to steal her personal property before fleeing.

A witness saw the event and called police to assist the victim.

Battery: March 14, 10:13 a.m., West Portal Avenue and Vicente Street

A victim was assailed by a suspect, who fled into a nearby business. Officers responded to a report of the incident and arrest- ed the suspect, citing her for battery.

Although the suspect denied the assault, a witness placed her at the scene and video surveil- lance footage caught the inci- dent.

Warrant Arrest: March 14, 7:20 a.m., 1000 Block of 19th Avenue

A man found out the meaning of “no trespassing” after falling asleep in a building marked as such. A police officer woke the individual and performed a record and warrant check, which revealed the individual had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. The suspect was brought to Taraval Station and booked.

Malicious Mischief, Vandalism: March 14, 11:14 a.m., 2000 Block of 19th Avenue

A man was prepared for van- dalism on his property with security cameras, which caught a suspect destroying some proper- ty outside of the homeowner’s residence.

The victim showed the police officers the footage, giving them a lead for the suspect.

Vandalism: March 14, 12:17 p.m., 1000 Block of 30th Avenue

A man reported that a suspect had broken the bedroom window of his home. No further informa- tion was provided.

Narcotics Violation: March 14, 11:12 a.m., 48th Avenue and Judah Street

A man was arrested and brought to the county jail after testing positive in a preliminary drug test. The police officers tested him for drugs after search- ing him on suspicion of carrying a weapon and instead found a device that is used for smoking narcotics and a bag containing drugs.

He had been reported to the police for indecent exposure as he rode around on his bicycle prior to the arrest.

Vandalism, Trespassing: March 15, 6:05 p.m., 45th Avenue and Lincoln Way

Police officers responded to a report of trespassing on vacant property, made by a neighbor, when the neighbor heard water running in the premises. Although police officers did not find anyone inside the build- ing, they found the condition of the house had been altered since the departure of the owner sever- al months earlier.

Investigative Detention: March 15, 8:54 a.m., Ocean Avenue and Junipero Serra Boulevard

Multiple parties reported a vehicle that was being driven erratically.

The driver was located and found crying uncontrollably and unable to speak. Medical exam- iners were summoned and deter- mined the driver was not under the influence of any substances.

The driver was released and picked up by another party.

False Personation: March 15, 12:10 p.m., 2000 Block of 38th Avenue

A woman received a fraudu- lent call from a person claiming to be a government agent, who requested her personal informa- tion.

After obliging the crook, the woman realized the call may have been fraudulent and report- ed the incident at Taraval Station.

Four-Legged Trespassing: March 15, 3:17 p.m., 2000 Block of 28th Avenue

Officers responded to a bur- glary report. At the scene, the resident explained that his house had been ransacked after an extended absence.

Seeking further information, officers questioned a neighbor, who reported they had seen a raccoon enter the house and stay there for a few days.

The officers then investigated the residence and discovered animal paw prints all over. The resident was given a follow-up form.

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