Bus Route Adjusted After Feedback

The SF Municipal Transportation Agency (Muni) recently conducted neighborhood meetings to get feedback on its Transit Effectiveness Project (TEP), which aims to improve the streetscape environment to accommodate increased numbers of pedestrians and bicycle riders.

Based on feedback from the meetings, the TEP has made some modifications to its transit routes, including some in the Richmond and Sunset districts, including:

• #6 Parnassus – The #6- Parnassus bus line originally planned to discontinue all transit service along the Ashbury Heights portion of #6-Parnassus route. The revised proposal states that Muni plans on keeping the #6-Parnassus on Haight Street, but are planning to reroute either the #37-Corbett or the #43-

Masonic to cover the Frederick

Street and Masonic Avenue stop in Ashbury Heights.

The original proposal was to dis- continue its service north of Broadway, but the revised pro- posal states that the #8x will con- tinue to provide service north of Broadway on every other trip.

• #17-Parkmerced – Orig- inally the #17-Parkmerced was to eliminate service on Lake Merced Boulevard, and extend the route to the Daly City Bart Station via John Daly Boulevard in order to provide a connection to Westlake Plaza.

The revised plan shifts service to a portion of Lake Merced Boulevard and uses Brotherhood Way to access the Daly City Bart Station.

• #27-Bryant/ #11-Down- town Connector – The original proposal was to eliminate service on Bryant Street in the Mission District on the #27-Bryant and move the service to Folsom Street. Now, the plan calls for service on Bryant Street to con- tinue on the #27-Bryant line.

nector will now be extended from SOMA onto Folsom Street to cover a portion of the route.

• #28/28L-19th Avenue – The original proposal was to discon- tinue service in the Marina District and have the route end at the Golden Gate Bridge.

The revised proposal says that will not happen and service will continue to serve the Marina, with the line extended to Van Ness Avenue.

• #35 Eureka – The original proposal states that the #35- Eureka would eliminate service on Moffitt, Farnum, Addison and Bemis streets to provide a new direct connection to the Glen Park Bart Station, via Diamond Street. Revisions have been made to maintain service on Moffitt, Addison and Bemis and extend the route to Glen Park via Miguel and Chenery streets.

The service and route changes were reviewed by the SFMTA Board of Directors at two public hearings in March.

• #8x-Bayshore Express –

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