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Letter to the Editor – Urgent Action Required to Save Our Neighborhoods

Given the geology of Northern California, the history of San Francisco and a knowledge of urban conflagrations, it will be clearly understood that, in the absence of adequate post-earthquake emergency water supplies, the 138,000 wood-frame buildings and the 390,000 residents that occupy the fifteen neighborhoods not protected by the AWSS will fall victim to catastrophic loss,

Commentary – Tom Doutiet

In response to the February article (Richmond Review/Sunset Beacon) on the use of both Lake Merced water and Sunset Reservoir water to fight post-earthquake fires in the Outer Richmond and Outer Sunset, it is gratifying to see that the SF Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) is finally willing to concede that the use of our drinking water alone will not enable the SF Fire Department (SFFD) to combat post-earthquake fires in hundreds of blocks of wood-frame housing. 

Commentary – Tom Doudiet

Going forward, all evidence points to more of what we’ve seen during the several years
since the passage of the 2014 bond: the SFPUC careening back and forth from one
implausible “band aid” scheme to another while avoiding an actual expansion of the
amazingly efficient high-pressure hydrant system.