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City Hall: Gordon Mar

One of the countless things the pandemic has upended in our lives is our sense of safety and belonging. Being together with family, with friends, with neighbors – the very things that are central to our sense of community and comfort – were suddenly made dangerous.

The Sunset Contortionist

Imagine eyes focused on you and lights shining down so brightly every drop of sweat on your forehead is illuminated. For Sunset District resident, Dwoira Galilea, multi-disciplinary circus performer, this is just another normal “day at the office.” Except her office is never stationary and is always eventful. 

Assembly: Phil Ting

It is our civic duty to serve on a jury, but many Americans are unable to participate because they cannot afford to take unpaid time off from work. This means a smaller pool of potential jurors that often results in juries that are wealthier and less diverse – not at all reflective of the communities they serve.