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Cooking Together: Three Sisters Winter Bowls

The celebration of Thanksgiving in the United States supposedly started with Native Americans and Europeans sharing food at a harvest celebration. However, many people today do not realize the important role played by the Native Americans in cultivating many crops such as squash, corn, beans, tomatoes, potatoes, and berries and sharing this knowledge with the pilgrims. It should be acknowledged that these farming lessons most likely insured the newcomers’ survival.

City Hall: Gordon Mar

he mission of Sunset Forward is “to stabilize low- and moderate-income families and seniors in the Sunset, enhancing community connection and quality of life for all by addressing unmet needs in housing, transportation, and neighborhood businesses and services.”

Sponsored: The SF Public Utilities Commission, a Civic Disaster – From Corruption to Conflagration – How They are ‘MOC-ing’ the Richmond and Sea Cliff

Four years ago, in the November 2017 issue of the Richmond Review, there appeared an article entitled “Plan to Protect Neighborhoods Abandoned: Lack of water to fight fires in southern and western neighborhoods after a major quake could result in a firestorm, like the 1906 disaster.”