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Commentary: Sandra Fewer

I intended to write about another subject for this month’s column, but I could not ignore the need to discuss guns in this country after the recent discharge of a firearm at the local Jewish community space on Balboa Street, and the mass shootings in California. It should be horrifying to us that a person would enter a public space and shoot randomly at walls and windows with seniors present. The fact that there have been 67 mass shootings in 2023 so far should give us all pause.

Commentary: Sandra Lee Fewer

Last month, Michael Durand, the editor of the Richmond Review, asked if I might be interested in submitting a monthly column for the newspaper. He thought my perspective on city issues – in particular, political matters – would be of interest to readers by offering a different “view” on current issues. I hesitated to respond to him for weeks. Then, something clicked. And so, here we go!