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Assembly – Phil Ting

August will mark five months since the Bay Area and the state of California led the nation with shelter-in-place orders to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. Unfortunately, these measures have had adverse effects on our economy. Millions of people have filed for Unemployment Insurance, and countless small businesses have closed or are in danger of closing.

Census: Time to be Counted

While you are homebound, please note the 2020 Census is here. Once a decade, the federal government attempts to count every person living in the country. Basic demographic data is collected for each person currently living in a household, such as gender, age and race.

Assembly – Phil Ting

You see tent encampments growing all over the Bay Area, and there are more and more people living in their cars or RVs. Homelessness persists in California because we have not built enough housing to keep pace with job growth. That has resulted in a shortage that drives up the cost of existing housing.