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Children With Disabilities Enjoy Therapeutic Recreation Day in GG Park

With a Saturday morning mist pattering down on the leafy foliage of Golden Gate Park’s Botanical Garden, Marcela Guerrero and her 10-year-old son Matteo strolled hand-in-hand to the tucked-away Celebration Garden. Huddled in his coat, Matteo brims with a smile as he recognizes familiar faces from the Therapeutic Recreation Inclusion Services Team – friends whom he has not seen since summer camp. For Matteo and his mom, this is their first family recreation day for children with disabilities.

‘Looking Back’: Turtle Sundial

Atop the column is a bronze turtle representing the slowness of the passage of time. Atop of the turtle’s back is a vertical bronze hemisphere, with a map of the Americas on the curved side. The flat side of the hemisphere has inscribed portraits of the three explorers above a sundial with the Latin inscription “horam sol nolente nego,” translated by the Colonial Dames as “if the sun is unwilling I don’t tell the time.”