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Commentary: Paul Kozakiewicz

The November election is over and the final results have been certified. From now on, the eastern end of John F. Kennedy Drive in Golden Gate Park will be closed to vehicle traffic, except for deliveries to the de Young Museum, first responders and the park shuttle. The Upper Great Highway will also be closed on weekends starting at noon on Fridays, per a vote of the SF Board of Supervisors in December, until a study can be completed and final action taken.

Children With Disabilities Enjoy Therapeutic Recreation Day in GG Park

With a Saturday morning mist pattering down on the leafy foliage of Golden Gate Park’s Botanical Garden, Marcela Guerrero and her 10-year-old son Matteo strolled hand-in-hand to the tucked-away Celebration Garden. Huddled in his coat, Matteo brims with a smile as he recognizes familiar faces from the Therapeutic Recreation Inclusion Services Team – friends whom he has not seen since summer camp. For Matteo and his mom, this is their first family recreation day for children with disabilities.