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SF’s Russia-Ukraine Connection

The two horizontal bands of yellow and blue of the Ukrainian flag have been popping up in many places since the invasion of Ukraine in February by Russian forces under the orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin. This expression of solidarity with Ukraine and acts of support seem most heartfelt in San Francisco; especially in the Richmond and Sunset Districts. 

Richmond Rising Calls for Diversity on Community Police Advisory Board

The Richmond District, like the City’s other nine police districts, has a community police advisory board (CPAB) designed to promote community engagement with the Richmond Police Station. But a local citizens group, Richmond District Rising (RDR), says the operation of this board is shrouded in mystery and its membership fails to include important stakeholders.

Commentary – Richard Corriea

I anticipate one or more openings on the board in the coming months. If you are
interested in rolling up your sleeves and working with your neighbors to

maintain and enhance the physical and social dimensions of life in the Richmond as a

member of PAR’s board of directors, then please e-mail me at sfparpresident@
gmail.com or call me at (415) 541-5652.