Richmond Review Locations



Arguello Blvd. (Clement to Fulton)

Arguello Market                                782 Arguello

Laundromat                                       790 Arguello

The Washing Well                             700 Arguello

Live Fit Gym                                       403 Arguello


Anza Street

All Washed Up                                   Fifth Ave./Anza

M&K Market                                      Eighth Ave./Anza

Laundry Mat                                      Eighth Ave./Anza

Safeway                                              Seventh Ave. /Cabrillo

Four Seasons Laundromat               Seventh Ave./Cabrillo


Balboa Street (Arguello to Beach)

Richmond Village                              Eighth/Fulton

Clean XPress                                      601 Balboa

17th/Balboa Market                         17th/Balboa

Balboa Bubbles                                 1640 Balboa

Wash N Dry                                       2130 Cabrillo (at 22nd)

Laundromat                                       2541 Balboa

Richmond Neighborhood Center    741 30th Ave.

Better Food Market                           3149 Balboa

Coin-Op Laundry                              3228 Balboa

Coin Laundromat                              3338 Balboa

Simple Pleasures Cafe                      3434 Balboa

Balboa Liquor                                    3524 Balboa

Anza Branch Library                        37th Ave.

Balboa Theater                                  37th/Balboa

La Promenade Cafe                          3643 Balboa

Let’s Do Wash                                    3725 Balboa

GG Park Senior Center                     Fulton/38th Ave.

Grocery Store                                    3950 Balboa

Sparkle Laundry                               43rd/Balboa

Kawika’s Deli                                     La Playa/Balboa

Safeway                                              La Playa/Balboa

(customer service counter)


Geary Blvd. (westbound from Masonic)

Earth’s Coffee                                    Geary/Commonwealth

Coffee and Cupcakes                        Geary/Jordan

CVS Pharmacy                                   3600 Geary

Richmond Branch Library               351 Ninth Ave.

711                                                        5100 Geary

Walgreens                                           17th/Geary

Richmond YMCA                                Ninth Avenue

Beauty Network                                5748 Geary

V.A. Hospital (main entrance)          42nd/Clement

Newsrack                                           25 Point Lobos


Geary Blvd. (eastbound from 37th Avenue)

Laundry Mat                                      37th/Geary

Newsrack                                           27th/Geary (S/E)

Golden Gate Senior Center             26th/Geary

Cafe Enchante                                   6157 Geary

Martell’s                                             5615 Geary

Laundromat                                       5555 Geary

Newsrack                                           19th/Geary (S/E)

Donut World                                      18th/Geary

Newsrack                                           17th/Geary (S/W)

Coffee Break                                      4601 Geary

Modera Liquor & Wine                   4401 Geary

Cafe Coco                                           4201 Geary

Richmond Station                             461 Sixth Ave.

Kaiser Hospital (lobby)                    Sixth Ave./Geary

Stardust Market                                3801 Geary

Institute on Aging                             3575 Geary

Mel’s Diner                                        3355 Geary

Royal Ground Cafe                            3101 Geary

Moz Cafe                                             Geary/Masonic


Clement Street (Arguello to V.A.)

Clement Mini Market                       Arguello/Clement

Giorgio’s                                             Third Ave./Clement

Cumaica                                             Fourth Ave./Clement

Scarlet Lounge                                 408 Clement

Newsrack                                           Sixth Ave./Clement (N/W)

One Richmond Office                      802 Clement St.

Walgreens                                          Ninth Ave./Clement

Donuts                                                10th/Clement

Wash N Dry                                       1010 Clement

Clement Laundry                              1024 Clement

Cafe la Flore                                       1032 Clement

Newsrack (N/W)                               11th/Clement

Wash N Clean                                    1800 Clement

Bourbon County                                23rd/Clement

Gordo Taqueria                                 24th/Clement

Ilana Coffee House                            24th/Clement

Royal Ground Coffee                         25th/Clement

Sunshine Center                               25th/Clement

Tiger Market                                      25th/Clement

Thanasis Deli & Market                    31st/Clement


California Street (Broderick St. to 32nd Ave.)

Presidio Branch Library                 Broderick/Sacramento

Bryan’s                                               Laurel Village

Cal-Mart                                             Laurel Village

Presidio Golf Club                            Arguello/Pacific

Little Sisters of the Poor                  Third Ave./Lake St.

Third Ave. Market                             Third Ave./California

Laundry Mat                                      4123 California

Park Presidio Liquors                       Sixth/California

Washtown                                          4349 California

Beanstalk Cafe                                   Eighth Ave./California

Japonica Cafe                                     5503 California

New California Market                     19th/California

Bazaar Cafe                                        22nd/California

Appel and Dietrich                            22nd/California

Laundromat                                       22nd/Clement