Historical Photo – Packed Playland Parking Places

A packed parking lot along the Great Highway in front of the Cabrillo Street entrance to Chutes at the Beach, circa 1932. This was the main gate to an amusement area that became known as Playland at the Beach, where visitors could get sweet waffles (a favorite treat) before enjoying popular attractions such as the Aeroplane Swing and Ferris wheel, visible in the distance.

Commentary – Quentin Kopp

It reflects eloquently on City Hall corruption, now revealed not by our district attorney, city attorney or Ethics Commission, but by United States Attorney David Anderson, who elevated the notion of honest government in San Francisco at the cost to national taxpayers

Dueling Lawsuits Filed Over Handling of Funeral Funds

One lawsuit brought by the California attorney general and joined by the district attorney’s offices of Marin, Alameda and San Francisco counties against the Neptune Society and its parent company, Service Corporation International (SCI), accuses the funeral and cremation company of using a fraudulent marketing scheme to bilk consumers by taking money out of a trust fund set up to reimburse customers who pay in advance but later change their plans and seek refunds.