Fill Up the Barrels: SF Firefighters’ Toy Program Shares Holiday Joy

Every year, as the holiday season comes back around, barrels appear at fire stations across the City ready to overflow with stuffed animals, dolls and toys of every shape and size. This year, the San Francisco Firefighters’ Toy Program kicked off its Holiday Toy Drive on Nov. 29. All 44 fire stations have barrels to collect donations from community members.

Commentary: Quentin L. Kopp

In 1874, House of Commons member Benjamin Disraeli declared: “Upon the education of the people of this country the fate of this country depends.” In the Nov. 9, 2021 Wall Street Journal, columnist Gerard Baker contemplated “sanity re-asserting itself” in the United States.  He identified “lunacy” in our country as:  “The capture of the public discourse by the lunacy of righteous wokery, in which math is racist, logic is a tool of white supremacy, merit is privilege and mothers are ‘birthing people.’”

DAS Needs Assessment

If you are a senior or take care of a senior, or just care about seniors, now is the time to speak out and give your input as part of the citywide 2022 Dignity Fund Community Needs Assessment. Every four years, the SF Department of Disability and Aging Services (DAS) gathers feedback on the needs of older adults and people with disabilities so they can continue to improve how San Francisco residents are served and identify priorities for services.