Press Release: Refuse Refuse Earth Day Cleanup

Earth Day, April 22, is soon approaching and we’re collaborating with Earth Day San Francisco and SF Rec and Park for an Earth Day San Francisco Cleanup in Golden Gate Park. Volunteers will help clean in GGP and the surrounding Inner Sunset neighborhood, and help gardeners with tree/plant maintenance in the park. Stay afterwards for the Earth Day SF festival and expo.

Review: Local Museum Overflows With Immersive Art Experiences

Just beyond fountain roundabouts and tucked away on a quiet unassuming residential street in the St. Francis Woods neighborhood, you’ll find the Mediterranean-styled private residence of Gregangelo Herrera. A corkscrew Dali-esque grandfather clock peeking out of shrubbery and a rounded swiveling gate at the sidewalk are the only distinguishing signs that give away the home’s curiosities within.