Historical Photo: Lots of Horse and Buggy Parking

This picture from photographer A.J. McDonald shows the view looking north from the roof of the first Cliff House towards Cliff Cottage and Point Lobos, circa 1880s. The Cliff Cottage was badly damaged when the schooner Parallel exploded in January 1887, and this site went on to become home to the Sutro Baths. Photo courtesy of a private collector/Western Neighborhoods Project/OpenSFHistory.

City Hall: Connie Chan

As I promised on the campaign trail, my New Start Plan will prioritize the needs of small businesses and working people by pushing for robust and equitable public health services, building more affordable housing and keeping people housed, and uplifting those who are too often left behind by many of our City’s policies.

Assembly: Phil Ting

As a parent of two children in public schools, I worry students are falling behind in their studies as we continue relying solely on remote learning. Additionally, the longer they don’t see their friends and teachers in person, the more social isolation will impact development and emotional intelligence.