Season’s Weavings: de Young Museum Hosts Holiday Textile Bazaar

Waiting for the de Young Museum’s annual Holiday Textile Bazaar to open its doors on the morning of Nov. 12, patrons in line shared conversations of anticipation. Some were excited to return and find the best deals for handmade crafts and clothing. Others looked forward to browsing through the colorfully ornate tables for the first time. Others shared that they were experiencing the role of shopper after years of being vendors.

Commentary: Quentin Kopp

As San Francisco – after spirited Nov. 8 local, state and national elections – begins to celebrate Chanukah on Dec. 18 (for eight nights) and Christmas on Dec. 25, nothing destroys the holiday spirit faster than not finding a place to park. You know how holiday gift packages say: “Open Here”? What should you do if the package says “Open Somewhere Else”? I hereby cease and desist my strident ripostes.

Children With Disabilities Enjoy Therapeutic Recreation Day in GG Park

With a Saturday morning mist pattering down on the leafy foliage of Golden Gate Park’s Botanical Garden, Marcela Guerrero and her 10-year-old son Matteo strolled hand-in-hand to the tucked-away Celebration Garden. Huddled in his coat, Matteo brims with a smile as he recognizes familiar faces from the Therapeutic Recreation Inclusion Services Team – friends whom he has not seen since summer camp. For Matteo and his mom, this is their first family recreation day for children with disabilities.

Assembly: Phil Ting

The California Controller’s Office is holding more than 70 million unclaimed properties worth nearly $12 billion, waiting for their rightful owners to claim them. Could you be one of them? Thousands, if not millions, of people have money or valuables in state custody they may not realize is theirs. While the state tries to find people, it is not always successful.