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Real Estate: John Lee

The announcement of a proposed 50-story, 712-unit skyscraper at the Sloat Garden Center location by the SF Zoo this past month stirred up quite a bit of debate on whether this is appropriate for the neighborhood and the west side of town. To put that into perspective, it will be approximately 600 feet tall, about the height of the Embarcadero Center Towers near the Ferry Plaza.

Real Estate: John Lee

Being a rental property owner in San Francisco gets harder and harder each year. There is a new law that passed in 2020 that requires owners of residential units to get a license before they can increase the rent. This law went into effect for buildings with 10 or more units on July 1, 2022 and will go into effect for all other residential buildings on March 1, 2023 with updates required by every March 1 thereafter.

Real Estate: John M. Lee

This November, we will have a plethora of ballot measures to go through both on the state and local level. We are already bombarded with ads for online gambling, abortion rights, affordable housing and candidates running for offices. I will stick to my expertise and cover the real estate related measures in this column and comment on others that can have an effect on real estate.