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Commentary: Quentin L. Kopp

As San Franciscans observe the 256th anniversary of the country’s declaration of our independence from British rule, we give thanks for the successful recall of Chesa Boudin from district attorney status, the defeat of a Board of Supervisors’ ballot measure to diminish our authority to remove a non-performing public official from office, the repeal of a 1932 ordinance conferring a trash collection monopoly on Recology’s predecessors – thus enabling next month a law requiring competitive, open bidding for such public contract, and ignominious defeat of a $400 million general obligation bond which, with interest over 30 years, would have cost taxpayers $1.005 billion! 

Commentary: Julie Pitta

Kasie Lee remembers the first time she encountered Chesa Boudin. It was 2019, and Boudin, a recently announced candidate for district attorney, attended a meeting of the “Chinese Six Companies,” the more than century-old alliance of Chinatown community groups officially known as the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association.