Category: Commentary

Commentary: Jeffrey Tumlin

In June, Proposition A, the Muni Reliability and Street Safety Bond, lost by just one and a half percentage points. As former San Francisco District 1 Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer wrote in these pages back in July, it was a “wake up call” for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA). I agree with her. Moments like this are a good time to reflect on and adjust our approach.

Commentary: Julie Pitta

The City’s political clubs offer the average citizen an opportunity to engage with San Francisco’s often-lively elections. The 35-year-old Richmond District Democratic Club is among the oldest and most respected of these clubs. Before every election, candidates and representatives for ballot propositions make their case to club membership, hoping to earn a coveted endorsement.

Commentary: Paul Kozakiewicz

Progressives are on the far left ideological spectrum, bordering on socialism where city policy dictates what’s best for everyone and it’s their way or the highway. The progressives got organized in the late ’90s and took control of the DCCC, which gives the official endorsements for Democratic Party and supplies money to its candidates and propositions. That, coupled with district elections and the abomination that is ranked-choice voting, gave us what we have – a mayor and a majority of supervisors who couldn’t find their way out of a corn maze.