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City Hall: Connie Chan

Every 10 years, our City’s charter requires that we draw new district lines based on the decennial census to ensure our population per district is as evenly distributed as possible. San Francisco had at-large supervisor races until 1976 when district elections led to the election of Harvey Milk. District elections were repealed in 1980, then reinstated in 1996, taking effect in 2000. 

City Hall: Gordon Mar

There’s no better time to enjoy the enchantment of some of our City’s premier open spaces, and now there’s no barrier to doing it. Last month, I joined Mayor London Breed in sponsoring and passing legislation to make the Gardens of Golden Gate Park free for all San Francisco residents starting April 21.

City Hall: Gordon Mar

he mission of Sunset Forward is “to stabilize low- and moderate-income families and seniors in the Sunset, enhancing community connection and quality of life for all by addressing unmet needs in housing, transportation, and neighborhood businesses and services.”