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Letter to the Editor: Yes on Prop. I, No on Prop. J

As Gordon Mar’s “pilot project” moves through the city agencies and onto its eventual vote and passage by the Board of Supervisors, the Upper Great Highway’s closure will be allowed to continue without an environmental study through Dec. 31, 2025, for a total of five years and eight months since its initial shutdown, despite the escalation of erosion of our sand dunes and destruction of our wildlife sanctuary from unrestricted foot traffic when vehicles are banned and beachgoers ignore designated crosswalks.

City Hall: Gordon Mar

Much has been said about how San Franciscans feel divided, on how controversy and contest fuels much of our local politics, and how we can’t seem to find agreement to get big things, or even basic things, done. In the face of this, finding common sense solutions, building consensus, bridging divides and, yes, compromising offers a real road forward. Here in the Sunset, we’ve been able to find common ground on some of the most hot-button issues to make real progress.