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‘Cooking Together’: Zucchini Boats

Zucchini is available all year in most parts of the United States. It is an easy vegetable to grow in the summer, even in the foggy parts of the San Francisco Bay Area. Once these summer squashes get growing, you will have so many that you will have to find new recipes. Good recipes can turn this vegetable into a centerpiece. 

City Hall: Joel Engardio

Parents are on edge after recent violence at Stonestown Mall where mobs of teenagers attacked other teenagers. If kids can’t safely meet friends after school at the mall, it’s yet another decline in quality of life in San Francisco and failure of our City to function as it should.

Ready or Not, the Future Is Here: Driverless Cars Are Already on Our Roads

For nearly a decade, futuristic-looking Waymo and Cruise “autonomous vehicles” (AVs) have roamed the streets of tech-forward San Francisco, with human “safety” drivers behind the wheel. These AVs were being programmed and tested for the day when they could transport passengers and goods without human drivers and “transform the transportation system.” While our transportation system is yet to be transformed, driverless cars are here.

Review: Local Museum Overflows With Immersive Art Experiences

Just beyond fountain roundabouts and tucked away on a quiet unassuming residential street in the St. Francis Woods neighborhood, you’ll find the Mediterranean-styled private residence of Gregangelo Herrera. A corkscrew Dali-esque grandfather clock peeking out of shrubbery and a rounded swiveling gate at the sidewalk are the only distinguishing signs that give away the home’s curiosities within.