Press Release

Press Release: Third Annual Bruce Ettinger Bottle Yacht Regatta at Spreckels Lake, GG Park

Come cheer on the bottle boats on Sunday, June 11 at 1 p.m. at the Third
Annual Bruce Ettinger Bottle Yacht Regatta hosted by the San Francisco
Model Yacht Club at Spreckels Lake (36th Ave/Fulton Street) in Golden
Gate Park.

Bottle Yachts are homemade model sailboats made from recycled bottles, donated sailing supplies, found objects, and low-cost materials. Bottle yachts are a great way for novice sailors of all ages to experience the joy of model yacht sailing.

Bottle yachts are powered by the wind. Races include freesail (self-steering) and RC (remote control). After the bottle races finish, there will be an opportunity for those 8 years and older to learn to sail RC model yachts. Small groups will work with a mentor for 15-minute sessions.

Signup for “Learn to Sail” begins at 1 p.m. in person on a first come, first served basis until 30 slots are filled. Specific timing for the day’s activities will depend on wind conditions.

We invite you to bring a chair, wear sun/wind protection, and plan to join us for an afternoon of model sailing fun!

The Bruce Ettinger Bottle Yacht Regatta is open to anyone who builds a bottle boat that follows the race guidelines, which can be found at along with builder tips.

Check us out on Instagram (@bottleyachts) for inspiration!

The event is free. If you plan to join us for the regatta bottle races with your own boat or just to watch, let us know at: (not required, but appreciated).

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