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‘The Front Steps’: Outer Richmond Home Sells +$200,000 Over Asking … In a Weird Market

It doesn’t matter what article you read, or where, if it’s about San Francisco real estate, it’s likely all doom and gloom, so I thought I’d share just one story about a recent listing I had at 763 45th Ave. Listed at $1,495,000 and sold for $1,700,000.

We listed this wonderfully charming (two buzz words right there) single family home in a great Outer Richmond location with a HUGE yard a couple months back when all signs pointed to disaster – Silicon Valley Bank had just crumbled; the weather…well we all know how the weather was*; and interest rates were going up, up and up. Nothing a seller, or buyer wanted to see.

As it turns out, our hard work paid off, and the buyers showed up out of nowhere. We did quite a few upgrades to the home -sellers opened up and remodeled the kitchen, did foundation work, completely remodeled the yard, and my team came in and put up new lighting, painted interior and exterior, fixed fogged windows, and most importantly staged. Staging is so crucial to selling a home, it’s a topic in and of itself…and if you go budget, expect a budget result. Buyers want to see pretty things, and Motel 6 staging like some of what I see in the Sunset and Richmond is just not cutting it anymore…the market changed, so you gotta dial it in.

Anyhow, we marketed for 2 weeks- every showing was either in pouring rain, or just after. We only had a handful of serious buyers through, plenty of neighbors, and honestly, I didn’t know what to expect. As it turned out, we received six offers, two of them way better than the rest, so we did what is called a “multiple counter offer” to those two forerunners and the winning buyer did exactly what they had to do to “win”. They narrowly beat out the other, but ultimately their price, terms, and possibly more important, their agent (the agent you choose also makes a difference) helped them get the home, and now they’re moved in, loving it, and no longer out there hunting for a needle in the hay-stack that is the San Francisco real estate scene.

So that’s a little bit about a recent sale, but there are more…including places that are sitting on the market, off market, and coming soon. If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to ask. To say it’s a hot market might be cap (ask your young people what that means), and to say it’s slow might be as well. Regardless, I’ll keep cross eyes on it for you.

763 45th Ave, SOLD $1,700,000 [theFrontSteps Real Estate]

-Photos provided by Richmond District Locals Nat & Cody

*If your’e a die-hard skier like me the weather was EPIC!

Alexander Clark is a Richmond District Resident and Realtor in the top tier of all San Francisco real estate agents. He has countless Richmond and Sunset District sales under his belt, representing both buyers and sellers. He supports our newspapers through paid advertising, and has built his career by informing readers of his blog about the San Francisco real estate market for the past 20+ years…for free. Consider contacting him when it’s your time to buy or sell.

tel: 415-254-5351 DRE#01339386

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