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  1. The strategy here is that neighbors will wear themselves out fighting the proposed 56-storey building (that the owner/developer/architect has no intention of actually building), so that when they propose the *real* project, there will be less or no opposition to it.

    The 560-foot proposal has already been nixed, so now neighbors are sitting back reassured that all is OK.
    It will be very difficult to rouse folks a second time to protest 12-, 10-, 8-, 6-storey proposal.


  2. What a poorly reasoned letter, which simultaneously implies that no one will buy the proposed condos and that the developer will somehow still profit. I don’t envy the author’s cognitive dissonance. This is just NIMBY thinking.


  3. The chances of this absurd tower being built is microscopic. This is a diversion to the next plans application.Destroying SF neighborhoods by developments like this takes away the character of SF.There are no schools nearby to take the inceased number of students.There are no stores nearby.Extremly limited food options.I highly doubt people will pay the price of the apartments.After a pandemic how many people want to live in such dense housing???


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