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‘West Side’s Youth Scoop’: Bridging Bay Area Youth Writers

Bridging Bay Area Youth Writers 

By Stella Hong 

Calling all teenage writers! Are you a part of the Bay Area youth generation? Do you have a strong passion for arts or literature? Consider submitting your written or artistic pieces to the San Francisco Youth Anthology. 

The San Francisco Youth Anthology is a youth-led literary magazine focusing on amplifying the diverse voices of Bay Area students. The literary publication, founded by high schooler Natalie Checherina, fosters a platform for teenage writers to express themselves through various creative works. 

The magazine accepts any form of writing, ranging from poems to short stories, as well as original artwork pieces as well. San Francisco Youth Anthology’s text ensures that everyone has a beautiful tale to tell regardless of the story, experience, or any other defining factor. Its mission, at a glance, is to give the Bay Area youth a chance to be recognized for their creative forms of expression in the literary world. 

“We have just come out with our Spring 2023 issue, which is also our first-ever issue,” Checherina said. She hopes this literary magazine can will be published quarterly to bridge the Bay Area youth together through a community initiative of creative writing, ultimately publishing work for everyone to enjoy. 

You can find the first Spring publication in an online version on their website. Founder and editor Natalie hopes they can eventually start to print and pass out copies around the school communities as the literary magazine gains more popularity throughout the high schools. 

Please consider submitting to San Francisco’s Youth Anthology for an opportunity to be featured in its Summer 2023 issue – submissions deadline for the next issue is July 1. 

For more information about submitting your creative pieces to San Francisco Youth Anthology, go to https://www.sfyouthanthology.org/

Stella Hong is a native San Franciscan who lives in the Richmond District. She is currently a high school junior at St. Ignatius College Prep. in the Sunset District. She wants to pursue a career in journalism.

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