Press Release

Press Release: Expanding Housing Choice

From the SF Planning Department

Dear Sunset Neighbors:

The Housing Element was unanimously approved by Mayor Breed and the Board of Supervisors and certified by the state in January 2023, and is San Francisco’s plan for meeting our state-mandated housing needs for the next 8 years (2023-2031). 

Visit our Housing for All webpage for information on how the City is working to implement the vision and actions of the Housing Element.

As a part of the Housing Element Implementation, The San Francisco Planning Department has just launched the webpage Expanding Housing Choice. This effort will directly implement Sunset Forward Strategies aimed at allowing for more and different types of housing to meet the Sunset community’s varying housing needs, including housing that is affordable to low- and middle-income families and seniors.

Expanding Housing Choice involves changes to San Francisco’s zoning rules to accommodate new housing, increase housing affordability for low- and middle-income households, and help advance racial and social equity. In accordance with State law, the project allows for more housing options in “well-resourced neighborhoods ” with greater access to economic opportunities and services that can support growth, such as public transit, parks, retail, and community facilities. 

Please join us for an informational presentation at the Planning Commission to hear about this work in more detail, and SF Planning’s other strategies for Housing Element Implementation like:

  • Activating Community Priorities
  • Affordable Housing Funding & Strategies
  • Housing Production & Process Improvements

Where: SFGovTV

When: April 27th 2023 at 1pm 

Now is the time to plan for people during all phases of their life including affordable housing for working families, and units and services that support our seniors. SF Planning will launch additional community engagement events in the coming weeks. Want to hear more? Please sign up to receive announcements and information about our events here.

We are committed to addressing the housing crisis. Help shape our zoning laws to support building enough housing for existing residents and future generations.

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  1. Sf oakland & Berkeley lost 250,000 households and we have a housing shortage that needs to force communities to change zoning and building codes that have been in place for years in order to fill what need?


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