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Letter to the Editor: Sunset’s Miles Keane Named High School Soccer Player of the Year


My family lives in the Sunset and enjoy your paper.

Wanted to pass along what might be newsworthy in the Sunset…if not, at least we’re proud of him. 

Our son, Miles Keane, is receiving the Steve Negoesco High School Soccer Player of the Year award.  Miles was captain of Lowell’s soccer team, a member of the SF Glens MLS Next team that made it to the national championship in 2022, first time SF all city twice, winner of the SF Goalkeeper of the Year award in 2022 and will be playing goalkeeper at Western Washington University starting this fall.  

Continued best wishes on your paper.

Christopher J. Keane

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  1. Congratulations to Miles and the Keane Family! Make us proud in Bellingham. Let’s Go, WWU Vikings in 2024.


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