Press Release: Refuse Refuse Earth Day Cleanup

From Refuse Refuse:

Earth Day, April 22, is soon approaching and we’re collaborating with Earth Day San Francisco and SF Rec and Park for an Earth Day San Francisco Cleanup in Golden Gate Park. Volunteers will help clean in GGP and the surrounding Inner Sunset neighborhood, and help gardeners with tree/plant maintenance in the park. Stay afterwards for the Earth Day SF festival and expo.

Here in San Francisco, we’re showing that every day is Earth Day. Last year, with the help of 11 Slow Streets, we organized the largest citywide Earth Day cleanup. This coming weekend we’ve organically organized 19 neighborhood cleanups! These are regular recurring cleanups led by fellow residents, not any one-day special event. Simply amazing.

With the help of Manny’s, we’re bringing their successful one-hour weekly cleanup model to other neighborhoods, which includes free food & refreshments and a voucher for discounts & offers from local merchants. We’re in need of Cleanup Captainsto help lead these and are looking to create a roster of volunteers to help. Please fill out this Google Form and choose which neighborhood(s) you’d like to support.

We’ve also started a web series called “Trash Talk with Vince”,and a YouTube Channel you can subscribe to, where we’ll interview interesting people and feature different neighborhoods in San Francisco while picking up trash. Our pilot episode features Aisling Ferguson, our champion of the Mission who cleans along Valencia daily. And our latest episode features Hunter Pence, retired SF Giants baseball player, who we’re collaborating with on cleanups as part of his Healthy Plant Project that he’s launching. Big thanks to Doug and Anh of WhaleCat Studios for producing these (they specialize in short-form videos for small businesses and non-profits) and Brian Johnson of Aerbits for providing the drone footage.

If you can’t get enough trash talk, please join a special virtual webinar Actions for a Cleaner SF hosted by Russian Hill Neighbors on Wednesday, April 26 from 6-7pm. Myself, Recology, and Public Works will discuss the challenges we face in keeping our city clean and teach some ways that individuals can help. You will be empowered to take action…and make a difference.

Thank you for supporting a clean SF and keep making every day Earth Day!

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