Police Blotter: Richmond District

Burglary, Carrying a Concealed Weapon: 200 Block of Clement Street, Feb. 17, 6 p.m.

The suspects’ vehicle (Kia Forte) was casing potential victim vehicles at various hot spots throughout the City. A citywide plainclothes team observed the suspects and started a rolling surveillance of the Kia.

The suspects in the Kia committed an auto boost on the 200 block of Clement Street and then fled the district. The suspects were observed discarding unwanted stolen items from the Kia. The discarded items were recovered, and an arrest plan was developed to safely apprehend the suspects.

Spike strips were authorized and deployed successfully to safely slow the Kia. The suspects’ vehicle stopped, the passenger exited the vehicle, fled on foot, and was quickly taken into custody without incident.

The driver of the Kia took off driving again and later caused a vehicle collision at a controlled intersection where vehicles were stopped for a red light. The driver exited the vehicle, fled on foot, and was taken into custody after a foot pursuit. During the foot pursuit, the driver was observed discarding a firearm under a parked vehicle. It was recovered by officers. The firearm was loaded with a 22-round magazine with one round in the chamber.

Searches of the suspects and the suspects’ vehicle revealed evidence related to the incidents, which was seized. Both suspects (driver and passenger) were arrested and booked.

The case was assigned to SFPD Burglary Unit which is conducting the follow-up investigation.

Vandalism Graffiti: 4200 Block of Geary Boulevard, Feb. 23, 1:02 a.m.

An officer observed two suspects in the act of tagging a building’s wall with spray paint. The officer attempted to detain both suspects, but they fled on foot. Both suspects were detained after foot pursuits with the help of back-up officers.

The suspects were identified then arrested for vandalism graffiti.

Carjacking With a Gun: 200 Block of 11th Avenue, Feb. 26, 9:55 p.m.

During the course of a carjacking investigation, officers from the Richmond, Northern, Southern, Central, Tenderloin stations, CHP, Oakland PD and Oakland/CHP Aerial Unit assisted in the capture of the suspects.

Richmond officers on scene immediately ascertained vital information from victims and witnesses and began tracking a victim’s laptop. Officers provided updated tracking locations to dispatch, which broadcast the updates citywide.

The victim was dropping off his friend in front of her house when the suspect with a firearm approached his vehicle. The suspect ordered the victim to exit the vehicle and give him his keys. The victim complied in fear and gave the suspect his cell phone and wallet. The suspect drove away in the victim’s vehicle.

Two additional victims reported an attempted robbery involving the same hijacked vehicle.

Tenderloin officers observed the carjacked vehicle and attempted to apprehend the suspects, who refused to stop and took off. The suspects in the carjacked vehicle were pursued to Oakland.

Per the Aerial Unit, the suspects exited the victim’s vehicle in Oakland. The suspects fled on foot while taking off several items of clothing as they were running. The Aerial Unit assisted in apprehending the suspects who tried to conceal themselves. The aerial unit advised that the suspects ran into a driveway trying to hide from searching PD units. A perimeter was set up and commands were given to the suspects. Both suspects were taken into custody without further incident. The vehicle was towed for CSI (crime scene investigation) processing.

Evidence linking the suspects to the crime was recovered from the scenes and vehicle, including a Glock firearm. An SFPD computer check revealed the recovered firearm was stolen out of Fresno.

The case was assigned to SFPD Burglary Unit which is conducting the follow up investigation.

Robbery With a Weapon: 7800 Block of Geary Boulevard, March 1, 12:35 p.m.

The victim parked his rental vehicle in front of a drugstore and entered the store, which is near a known auto boost hotspot.

The victim returned to his vehicle to find suspect #1 removing his backpack through his newly smashed window. Suspect #1 then got into the front passenger seat of a waiting vehicle that was double parked nearby. The victim ran up to suspects’ vehicle and tried to grab his backpack from suspect #1. Suspect #1 refused to let go of the stolen backpack and pushed the victim to the ground. Suspect #2, the driver, drove the vehicle over victim’s right ankle and right arm while fleeing the area.

The victim sustained injuries during incident.

The case was assigned to SFPD Robbery Unit which is conducting the follow up investigation.

Vandalism Graffiti: 5800 Block of Geary Boulevard, March 8, 1:09 a.m.

During a Richmond Station graffiti suppression operation, officers observed the suspect in the act of tagging a business parklet with spray paint. The tagger had two additional subjects with him, who were standing at their double-parked getaway vehicle. Officers detained all the suspects, identified all subjects and began an investigation.

Evidence connecting the suspects to the crime was recovered and seized. Unable to speak with the parklet’s owner to determine the value of the damage and repair, officers had to issue a citation and release the taggers from the scene, per SFPD policy.

The case was assigned to the SFPD General Works Unit which is conducting the follow-up investigation.

Robbery With a Gun During Auto Boost, Assault Causing Serious Injuries: 26th Avenue and California Street, March 9, 6:14 p.m.

The victim was walking back to his vehicle with his daughter when he observed a suspect vehicle double parked next to his vehicle.

The victim saw suspect #1 going through his belongings at his vehicle’s open driver door. The victim confronted suspect #1 and was immediately attacked by suspect #1, who punched him repeatedly.

Suspect #2, the driver of the getaway vehicle, got out of vehicle and walked over to the victim as he was fighting with suspect #1. Suspect #2 pulled out a semi-auto firearm, then “racked” the slide back, pointed the semi-auto firearm at the victim and yelled “Get off of him!”

The victim stopped fighting with suspect #1. Suspect #1 then punched the victim several more times as he stood there in fear of the semi-auto firearm, causing the victim’s tooth to chip.

Both suspects got back in the getaway vehicle and fled the area.

The victim was treated at a local hospital and was in stable condition.

The case was assigned to the SFPD Robbery Unit which is conducting the follow-up investigation.

Robbery With a Gun During the Theft of a Catalytic Converter: Rossi Avenue and Anza Street, March 11, 4:35 a.m.

The victim was sitting in his parked car when the suspect vehicle pulled up and double parked next to him.

All four suspects in the vehicle exited. Suspects #2, #3 and #4 went right under the victim’s car and started jacking and cutting out the catalytic converter as suspect #1 stood watch.

The victim believed none of the suspects were aware he was inside the car. The victim exited his vehicle, which spooked suspect #1, as the other suspects were cutting away.

Suspect #1 pulled out a pistol and pointed it at the victim and demanded all his money.

Moments later, suspects #2, #3 and #4 finished cutting out the catalytic converter and reappeared from under the victim’s car.

All four suspects then ran back into the double-parked getaway vehicle, fleeing the area with the freshly removed catalytic converter.

The case was assigned to the SFPD Robbery Unit which is conducting the follow up investigation.

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