Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Recommendations in the Richmond District


I am writing to share some of my favorite businesses in the Richmond District.

After searching for a reasonably priced store that would replace watch batteries for less than $20, I wanted to mention that the Variety Shop on Clement Street is a great find. For the few of us who still wear watches, here is an affordable place to change your battery for a fraction of the cost in 10-15 minutes.

Also, my favorite Korean restaurant is “My Tofu House” which serves the best tofu soup in the City. On cold chilly nights for the last couple months, I like to treat myself to spicy seafood tofu soup. The soup comes piping hot, literally bubbling in a cast iron bowl, along with good kimchi, fried fish and other side dishes. 

Here’s a recent discovery: the Abraham Farmers Market on Geary and Fourth Avenue. I can find organic fruits and vegetables at much lower prices than anywhere else. They don’t always have the same produce on sale, but they have an interesting selection of sweets, including baklava and more.

Thank you,


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