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Letter to the Editor: Children Replace Hateful Messages With Welcoming Notes of Love


I’m a nanny, and the kids I care for, Kento, age 7, and Miya, age 8, noticed vandalism on the wall of the soccer field at West Sunset ball fields. It seems that there had been a fire and then someone used the ash from the fire to write “HELL TO EVERYONE GAY” on a wall everyone must pass walking onto the field.

We were early for practice and Miya immediately thought to clean it. No question. No hesitation. She was able to remove “gay” with her boot, and got “hell” off with her water and a cloth I had. I had some washable pastels, so she led the way in replacing the hateful message with many loving and welcoming messages, along with a few of her soccer teammates. She asked that I send this story to the news, with her picture.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, and to share this story. It made my day to see a community of children understand the impact of that kind of hate, and come up with a beautiful and immediate solution. 

Thanks for your time,

Tasha Amezcua

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  1. Way to go, Miya! Your actions were creative and caring and are a great example of how we can all take care of our communities and each other. You should be very proud of yourself!

    Tasha – thank you for sharing this story and for always being prepared for random acts of pastel joy!


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