Then and Now

‘Then and Now’: Clement Street near Fifth Avenue

Above: This 1943 photo shows Clement Street looking east toward Fifth Avenue and features the 2-line streetcar MSRy #255. The tower of Roosevelt Junior High is visible in background. Photo courtesy of a private collector/Western Neighborhoods Project/OpenSFHistory.

Right: This recent photo shows the architecture of the neighborhood has not changed much, except the building on the southeast corner of Clement and Fifth has lost its Victorian facade. The streetcar and the rails are gone, and the design of the old cars has been replaced with sleeker, if less romantic, designs. The building at the far right, (A.E. Harris Wines and Liquors) which sold alcoholic beverages 80 years ago, is still in the business of selling alcohol, now as the Bitter End bar. The tower at Roosevelt is still visible, but the school is now called Roosevelt Middle School. Photo by Michael Durand.

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  1. AE Harris was a pretty cool wine shop that went out of business back in the early 80’s. Wow, that picture brings back memories from my days growing up on 4th & Clement.


  2. AE Harris operated at a wine shop up until the early 80’s. Was a pretty cool place that I use to walk by as a kid heading to George Peabody on 6th Ave. I purchased my first case of wine there when I was 21, I remember they had a glass case with some Madeira from the 1700’s. Man that brings back memories. Thanks


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