Commentary: Stop Anti-Recovery Ideology

Leftist Council Must Stop Anti-Recovery IdeologySan Francisco’s Preston, Chan and Ronen Denying our City’s Revival

By Richie Greenberg

As 2023 City Hall legislative sessions move forward, San Franciscans face a startling reality: the far left-wing ideologues in elected office have failed to learn from November’s elections – and now these officials are continuing to reject policies for reviving our city as it spirals further downward. Recent projections show a massively growing deficit amid a dwindling tax base and businesses continuing to leave.

Three of the city’s district supervisors, namely Dean Preston, Hillary Ronen and Connie Chan, are the most anti-progress, anti-recovery elected officials in a long time. Placing their most radical ideology front and center, they ignore San Francisco’s filth, crime, blight, carjackings, daytime robberies and homelessness – yet they champion drug dealers’ protections. The three rabidly supported disgraced former District Attorney Chesa Boudin during his recall.

Preston is a laughably self-titled “Socialist” while his family wealth clearly says otherwise. He presses massive tax increases, defunding the police, closing of jails, tweets insults incessantly (@deanpreston )  and supports the already failed Reparations Plan (see Connie Chan astoundingly defies our mayor’s proposed urgent budget allocation to the severely understaffed police department for supporting overtime costs. Ronen, who terms out next year, defiantly demands illegal alien drug dealers be left alone, even with gang turf shootouts, and the fentanyl overdoses killing users on our streets by the day.

At this point, San Francisco is held hostage until such time Mayor London Breed reverses her soft on results governance style and actually seizes the reins to begin the City’s recovery. Voters cannot wait more than a year and a half for elections next year to oust these three radical anarchy-embracing ideologues. Mayor Breed’s re-election in 2024 is on the line as well. What San Francisco needs most, right now, is a team of experienced, winning attorneys to represent residents and business owners, to file suits and execute challenges to our city hall incompetence, malice and extremist leftist ideologue.

Richie Greenberg is a 21-year resident of San Francisco, a political commentator, former candidate for mayor and chairman of City Hall Watch. For more information, go to Twitter: @richieSF2016.

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  1. This is hilarious! Greenberg really needs to do standup!

    After all, he is against such “far left” socialist policies as rent control, social security, medicare and medical, the 40-hour work week, etc.

    He really needs to get out of his elitist bubble and sample reality! It would be transformative!

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  2. Yes, quite the obstructionists they are, shocking that Chan ( Chairperson of the Budget committee) won’t even schedule a discussion of the SFPD budget when our police force is rapidly diminishing. Preston is demanding community safety ambassadors ( an offshoot of SFPD ) for his district but refuses to consider allocating the funding for them. Hope these 3 are voted out in 2024, and Walton too!


  3. I think that many of us Asians voted for Connie Chan because we thought she must share our values. But she fooled us. Let’s not make the same mistake next time District 1! We need a supervisor that will get rid of homeless and addicts in the Richmond. It only got worse since Connie Chan took office.


  4. Puhlease …

    Connie Chan is rightfully deciding to pause a vote — merely to have more time to assess the mayor’s proposal because the board recently already voted an increase to the police budget.

    Waiting another week or two weeks or three weeks won’t make a difference in the safety of the community, unless you are thinking that the retired officers who are being coerced to duty, and paying officers to work overtime is the main priority — rather than, you know, actually hiring more police staff. Get a clue.

    The mayor is just playing games. Posturing. Perhaps waiting even to promote some more compromised unqualified people to head the offices of bureaucracy. Maybe she should get more advice from her childhood friend Nuru?

    You want to cry “extreme” and then forget about the reality on the ground. No one is defunding the police. THE POLICE ALREADY GOT A FUND INCREASE.

    Btw the Supervisor Preston is not denying other districts community safety ambassadors. Y’all are just framing this argument because you have an agenda. That’s why Jin-li Shen has to even hint that Asians who voted for Connie should — wink, wink — vote for someone else. Because you folks prey upon that kind of political slander.

    Connie is an awesome person. What does being her Asian have to do with it?

    Mr. Greenburg is a carpet bagger who has tried to install Republican BS in the city of San Francisco, and as such, he likes to scream “extreme”. That’s because he doesn’t understand that local district politics involves real people doing real things for their communities beyond stirring up a firestorm by mischaracterizing reality.

    Preston personally saved businesses in his district from going under (cafe deluxe) — something Mr. Greenberg has ( to my knowledge) never done. Connie Chan stepped up and negotiated with the SFMTA Geary Blvd. disaster to mitigate the impact for Richmond District businesses. She also actually coordinated to get some resolve with the homeless encampments in the Richmond District that y’all are complaining about. Hillary Ronen listens to and speaks for the voices in her community who aren’t the hedge fund managers and tech bros that speak to Greenberg and all of the faux-commentariats who somehow show up on comment boards.

    Y’all just say stuff and whine, without having a clue about what is actually going on, what is actually being done by these legit stewards and public servants. That’s why they get elected. The citizens know better than your attempts at stirring up gossip and making colorful statements and saying “extreme” this and that. Because at the ground level, the citizens see beyond your flaccidity about pretending other people are ideologues.

    The mirror you see is yourself.

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