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‘West Side’s Youth Scoop’: New Slippers Step into Ms. Tilly’s Dance Studio 

By Stella Hong 

For 52 years, the beloved Ms. Tilly’s dance studio has been a popular hub of dance lessons for young girls in the Richmond neighborhood. After announcing a sudden, permanent studio closure in August of 2022, a new dance studio embarks on its journey into the historic space. 

CANVAS Dance Arts was initially formed in February of 2021, teaching dance in various alternative areas. Co-founders Ms. Simone and Ms. Angela taught small group dances under the sun and fog in the backyards of several Richmond District homes, slowly expanding their classes to teach indoors. Eventually, CANVAS Dance Arts grew to train over 200 kids from all over the City, ranging from the Richmond District, Laurel Heights, Pacific Heights, Seacliff and the Sunset neighborhood. As the business enters its second anniversary, they are excited to announce the opening of their first studio at 5499 California St. in March of 2023, taking over Ms. Tilly’s studio just six months after its permanent closure. 

CANVAS Dance Arts is a dance company committed to providing an inclusive, positive environment that helps students grow and develop a passion for the performing arts. Offering recreational Ballet and Hip-Hop classes for children ranging from ages 2.5 to 13, CANVAS Dance Arts is a community for dancers and their families to connect, create and learn. The studio will offer spring classes while hosting a DANCEmix Summer camp 2023 at Temple UMC in Ingleside. 

Carefully crafting a unique space for children to grow in expression and engagement, the co-founders aim to build self-confidence, improve motor skills and enjoy performance opportunities for all kids in the neighborhood to explore. 

“Our complementary styles of dynamic dance instruction, family-friendly choreography and community engagement became the foundation for a new performing arts program,” states one of the co-founders of the dance company. 

Ms. Angela and Ms. Simone said they are excited to open their first home studio in the heart of the Richmond District. 

“We look forward to bringing artistry to the community, and community to the artistry.” 

For more information about finding a suitable class that meets your needs, stop by CANVAS Dance Arts at 5499 California St. or visit their website at canvasdancearts.com

Stella Hong is a native San Franciscan who lives in the Richmond District. She is currently a high school junior at St. Ignatius College Prep. in the Sunset District. She wants to pursue a career in journalism.

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