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Letter to the Editor: The Grinch of Balboa Street


Do you know? Who is the grinch who stole our holiday lights on Balboa Street?

Around Thanksgiving, bulbs were strung up on both sides of Balboa Street from 36th to 39th avenues. I expected them to be turned on after Thanksgiving. No lights. Surely during the rainy period, when darkness seemed to descend so early, the lights would brighten the area. Nope.

Now, less than two weeks before Christmas, the lights remain dark. What’s going on? Who put up the lights and why are they not being turned on? When they first went up, I happily anticipated a well lighted, festive Balboa Street. In contrast to my anticipation, the street is dark and uninviting. Better not to have put the bulbs up at all for the deep disappointment resulting from not lighting them. 

Who’s the grinch?!

Sincerely disappointed,

Jeannine Toussaint

Update, Dec. 20, 2022:


The lights on the north side of Balboa Street from 39th to 37th avenues have just been turned on! A partial success, I know, but, oh, how beautiful!

Happy holidays!


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  1. Are these lights temporary or permanent?

    What public discussion took place before the lights were installed?

    Who is paying for this?

    When will they be removed?

    (ASAP one hopes!)

    I have never felt that the Outer Richmond needs more street lighting.

    But I absolutely loathe these Manny-inspired strings.

    It does not make me safe!

    Put in more and better streetlights, if that is really a problem.


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