‘Captures from Cleveland’: Photos Found in Ohio Believed to be Scenes of Old SF

Mark, a collector from Cleveland, Ohio, found old photographs at a yard sale that he believes to be pictures of San Francisco from long ago. These photos have not been expertly verified. If any of our readers have information about the pictures, please leave a comment below.

The first two photos shared were posted on Dec. 7, 2022.

Bathing beauties, early 1900s. Ocean Beach?
Mark believes this photo shows the property of Adolph Sutro in the early 1900s.

Photos below were posted on Jan. 13, 2023.

Mark: “Swimsuit bathers visited Sutro’s famous bath house.
Mark: “Stairway leading up to Sutro’s estate, 1920s/30s.”
Mark: “Sutro’s famous balcony on hilltop (with landslide damage), 1930s.”
Mark: “Lady posing in idyllic Sutro Garden.”
Mark: “Three people posing in historic Sutro Garden, 1920s.”

Photos below were posted on Feb. 10, 2023.

Mark: “Vary rare image of Adolph Sutro’s band, 1920s/30s. Could be last known photo.
Mark: “Possible friends of Sutro are vintage pictures of Adolph’s well-documented balcony. (Background bottom: balcony sunken in from landslide damage. Two visitors, 1920s/30s.”

Mark: “Unknown people who ‘frolic’ somewhere on the Sutro parklands. Five ladies dressed in authentic time-period apparel (good camera eye contact).”

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