letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor: Gazebo Florist Closes Its Doors


I would like to inform you that my friend, Craig Sano, has closed his business, Gazebo Florist, 201 Clement St. (at Third Avenue).  This was his last month there.

According to a Citizen of the Month article in the June 14, 2018, Richmond Station Newsletter, the business was opened in 1998 by Craig’s mother, Aiko.

Craig would arrange and sell flowers in the shop and Aiko would buy plants and flowers at the Flower Mart.

Having to close due to the pandemic and earthquake retrofit work last year certainly didn’t help the business, but the final straw was Aiko’s heath issues this year, which prevented her from helping Craig run the shop.

I was a regular longtime customer and will truly miss buying my flowers there and chatting with them about the neighborhood.

Michael Kurihara (resident of Inner Richmond District since 1978)

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