letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor: The Plague of Increasing Trash Dumping on Our Streets


After perusing the letter to the editor about the trash can problem in San Francisco in the November issue of the Sunset Beacon, I’ve become aware of a never-ending increasing amount of trash/garbage/food and dumping of personal items/etc., on the streets in and around the Taraval area between 16th and 32nd avenues. 

This is most pronounced on Taraval Street itself. It seems no amount of public trash containers can stop the onslaught of people dumping their half-eaten take out meals on the sidewalk or street. Walking up and down Taraval Street has, on certain days, become an exercise in trash/garbage/food/dog dropping avoidance on the sidewalk. The actual amount of rotten half eaten food and its ubiquitous plastic containers is staggering to behold, to say nothing of the personal items like chairs, vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens and other miscellaneous items placed on favorite street corners around the area for someone else (naturally), to get rid of.     

I’ve lived in the area since 1972 and it has, in the last 10 years or so, become something of a pig sty as far as garbage on the sidewalk and street and, of course, left for someone else to deal with “free” junk piled up on the corners. Do we need the street sweeper to go along the Taraval corridor every day just so people can walk without dodging the garbage/trash/food strewn everywhere? Why do people order take out food, eat or drink part it and dump the rest on the sidewalk?  I haven’t a clue except to ask, do they do that in front of their own home?  Why do so many dump their unwanted junk in front of other peoples houses and street corners?

Our own corner is a favorite dumping ground for drink/food containers along the side and other peoples unwanted throwaways on our corner. The 311 number is being constantly called and I have to say, they are very prompt in coming out and removing the offending objects, that at times include box springs and mattresses!

I don’t have any ready answers except to think the obvious; they just don’t care about anyone but themselves. And there seems to no public censure or answers to such rude behavior. Maybe what has to happen is for people who see such behavior, take the thrown on the street/sidewalk food/container or junk left on the corner and follow the litterer and dump the mess in front of their house. I know that’s a harsh tactic to take, but what other action would stop the plague of many who just don’t give a second thought to doing what they do?

It’s sad to see the area look more like a garbage dump than a clean neighborhood, and I know many share my concerns.  

Dan Fulmer 

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