Photos: ‘Incredible Costumes from the Great Hauntway, 2022.’ Photography by The Enloe Creative

Photography by The Enloe Creative

Photography by The Enloe Creative

From the photographer:

On Sunday, Oct. 30, a crowd – estimated by organizers at 10,000 – of San Francisco and Bay Area locals turned out for the spectacular Great Hauntway Halloween event. 

Hosted by the Great Highway Park Initiative, nearly two miles of the oceanfront thoroughfare was transformed into a vibrant collection of people, pets and families in costumes. 

As the owner of The Enloe Creative, a local family photography provider, I set up my free Popup Studio to capture some of the fun. What I wasn’t really anticipating was that this image gallery would end up showcasing, more than anything else, the wide diversity of the people attending the Great Hauntway. It was a testament to the unique and beautiful city we’re lucky to call home. The photos above are a few favorites from the event.

The energy at the Great Hauntway was spectacular, and it was bookended by the fact that this Great Hauntway, depending on the results of our upcoming election, might just be the last. 

The Great Highway is currently a pedestrian park on weekends. Prop. I would mandate that the Great Highway be a 24/7 roadway, removing our current weekend park and the ability to have community events like the Great Hauntway. This next election is critical, so please vote!

David Enloe

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