Press Release

Press Release: Artists and Businesses to Collaborate – Sunset Art@Work, a New Initiative

Supervisor Gordon Mar launches Sunset Art@Work, a new initiative to support both local small businesses and artists

Supervisor Gordon Mar recently announced the launch of an innovative initiative, Sunset Art@Work, a program aimed at  promoting and supporting local small businesses and providing a platform for local artists to showcase their ideas and talents. This program connects a local small business with a local artist. The artist will produce a storefront display project that may attract customers and increase appreciation.

Sunset Art@Work is funded by Supervisor Mar and the Office of Economic and Workforce Development through office add-back funding. It’s a collaborative pilot project where Self-Help for the Elderly will conduct outreach to small businesses, and Sunset Mercantile will be the coordinator between the merchants and artists for the artwork production. Sunset Art@Work will connect 36 small businesses with local artists. Each artist will receive a total of $2,000 for materials and stipends after completion of the artwork. This project will foster art and cultural appreciation that increases foot traffic and supports local businesses in the Sunset District.

“We have so many unique and amazing small businesses in the Sunset District. But they are struggling even post-pandemic. Sunset Art@Work is not only a way to uplift our small businesses but also to highlight our vibrant artist community.” Said Supervisor Gordon Mar. “The goal is to bring people to enjoy the artwork and shop in the district.”

“OEWD is happy to support the Sunset Art@Work Project. Increasing economic and social activities, enhancing art and cultural appreciation, and building togetherness and belongingness are our foremost priorities and we promise to always serve our neighborhoods the best,” said Francis Chan, Senior Program Manager of the Office of Economic and Workforce Development.

“Sunset Mercantile is honored and delighted to help bring Art@Work to the Sunset community as it aligns with our passion for creating connections between local small businesses, artists and the community as a whole. ” said Angie Pettit-Taylor, Founder and Director of Sunset Mercantile.

“Self-Help for the Elderly is thrilled to continue to support our small businesses; our successful experience built in Chinatown will continue here in the Sunset. “ said Kifer Hu, Interim Operations Manager.

Sunset Art@Work will start taking applications on Nov 1. For more information, visit

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