letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor: Life is Good


Like most of us, I wake up and check my smart phone in the morning. Well, it’s not always the actual morning. Sometimes it’s the afternoon or even the evening. But I digress. When I check my phone for the latest news, I’m inundated with talk of recessions, inflation, supply chain issues, rising drug prices, police brutality, an unfair justice system, the housing crisis, etc.  Man, my news feed is such a downer. I mean, come on, life is pretty darn good. Isn’t it?

Take drug prices for example. Drugs have never been more affordable. Sure, I’m a repeat customer so I may receive favorable treatment, but it seems all my friends have worked out similar deals as well. Given that drugs are my only expense, I’m feeling flush.  I think they call this “consumer confidence,” which has reached an all-time high for my friends and me.

What’s all the fuss about “supply chain” issues? Really? I’m never more than three minutes away from whatever I need. Sure, three minutes can seem like a lifetime when you really (really) need something, but just think about all the chumps who think next-day delivery is the gold standard. Amazon could take a lesson from my suppliers.

Inflation? I’m no economist, but how can any person with half a brain really think we’re experiencing an inflationary period?  I mentioned rock bottom drug prices before, but prices for consumer products also seem to be falling. Just about everything one could ever need is practically free. Check that, it is free. Stores seem to be giving stuff away. We really ought to take these so-called “economists” with a grain of salt.

Police brutality, an unfair justice system? Well, maybe, but I haven’t had this experience. The policemen and women I know are all very nice. I mean super nice. They rarely ever hassle me, even when I know I’m doing something wrong. I hear the prosecutors and judges are super nice as well, although I can’t say for sure because I’ve never met one.

And the housing crisis?  I don’t own a home and haven’t paid rent for 20 years, yet I get to live in the city’s toniest neighborhoods.  Sure, I move around a lot and don’t have plumbing, but each move seems like an upgrade as the neighborhoods just keep getting nicer and nicer.

What’s all the fuss?  Life is good.

Jay Seiden, Richmond District resident

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  1. 😲 well I’ve heard homeless advocates call the unhoused “ our neighbors “ but I didn’t realize that the unhoused themselves feel this way! Sorry, I believe that SF should be pay to play, like most civilized cities. There is no reason that a destitute person should be entitled to live in one of the most expensive areas in the country. I’d like to live on the beach in Malibu, should I just pitch a tent there ?


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