letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor: August Sunset Beacon Filled with Useful Info.

Dear Editor:

It was with great enthusiasm that I read your August 2022 edition of the Sunset Beacon, which for me was one of the most inspirational editions I have experienced of your work, in three years of following your monthly publication.  

This edition was packed with useful information, from Irving Street Fair, to Dahlia Competition Exhibit, Food Cooperatives, Fix-It Fair,  Farmers’ Markets, Cliff House Museum/Western Neighborhoods Project, including Playland and Sutro Baths artifacts, and Great Highway fine art gallery.  People engaged in these activities are the cohesive way of bringing our neighborhoods together.  In addition, the fact of it being the end of summer, provided a “last chance” at celebrating our area of San Francisco, enjoying good weather, family, neighbors, and friends.  As an important part of this experience, your two articles on neighborhood mentors, Kevin Carroll, the “Ambassador of 38th Avenue,” a lifelong support to the people in his life, with “life lessons to share,” and Jim Gallagher, 86-year-old powerlifter, mentors to inspire all of us, topped it all.

Thinking back on my own experiences, years ago, in the Sunset District, we had a “mayor of 14th avenue”,  a mechanic from Malta who worked his regular job, and in his free time fixed his neighbors’ cars. On Fridays, he would gather all on his block for cookie parties, and stories of his native Malta.  Always a support and pat on the back, if you needed it.  The other is my current mentor, an unsung hero who delivers food to the needy: 82-year-old former U.S. Veteran, he serves 400 families per week with food and goes the extra mile in providing extras anyone might need, such as paper products, soap, etc.  He walks his dogs eight miles per day and used to be a marathon runner.

Mentors are needed in our lives.  Our neighborhood has them!  Maybe start a “mentor-of-the-month” column, or offer occasional special ones  :  )    

As we come upon election time once again, let me provide my own brief mentoring:  we have very important issues on the ballot his time.  Make sure to look carefully at all sides, and vote responsibly.

See you in the neighborhood.

Lana Krouzian

Inner Sunset resident

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