From the Editor

From the Editor: Thank You to Our Contributors

Thank You to Our Contributors

By Michael Durand

This month’s issues of the Richmond Review and Sunset Beacon are the biggest ones we have produced since I took over operations more than three-and-a-half years ago. 

Not only is this a good month for ads, but we have also received a financial boost from some generous readers who answered the call of our “Nourish Your Neighborhood Newspaper” campaign to supplement the ad revenue with reader contributions. You can thank your community-minded neighbors for the extra content in the papers this month.

The number of readers who contributed to our fundraising campaign amounts to less than 1% of our readers. We dream of the day when each and every reader kicks in what they can afford to contribute to our neighborhood newspaper. We are thrilled when we receive checks and donations (checks payable to Richmond Review, sent to P.O. Box 16035, SF, CA, 94116, or via PayPal to and we are very grateful. Thank you!

I also want to thank the terrific neighbors who welcome our papers into their businesses to help us distribute the Richmond Review to those who didn’t get the home delivery that month. We don’t have enough papers to distribute to every home every month, so we deliver to about half the homes in the Richmond and Sunset districts one month, then the other half the next. 

Please see the list of distribution locations here (Richmond Review / Sunset Beacon) to find a location convenient for you. 

I had such a great time at the Richmond District Autumn Moon Festival on Sept. 17. Clement Street was hopping! I was so humbled and inspired by the many readers who came up to say “Thank you for the great work you’re doing,” “I love your newspaper,” and the lovely lady who came up and said, “Yours is the only paper I read.” 

Richmond Review Editor-in-Chief Michael Durand at the 2022 Richmond Autumn Moon Festival on Sept. 17.

I say it often because it’s true: Creating this paper is a labor of love, inspired by our faithful readers. Thank you all most sincerely.

Michael Durand is the editor-in-chief and publisher of the Richmond Review and Sunset Beacon newspapers and the website. He can be reached at

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  1. I’m so grateful for your newspaper and its hardworking staff writers who present factual information about issues of concern to so many of us. Thank you and please keep up the great work.


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