letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor: Kopp Column Item Dishonest


I treasure Quentin Kopp’s column. He is truly one of the last voices of reason and sanity in San Francisco. But nobody’s perfect. 

In his October Commentary, Judge Kopp wrote: “I’ll vote ‘yes’ only on Proposition 1, a state constitutional amendment to enshrine existing statutory abortion rights approved by Gov. Ronald Reagan in 1970.”

To suggest that there is any similarity between Proposition 1 and the act signed by Gov. Reagan (actually in 1967, not 1970) is preposterous. Judge Kopp must know that the 1967 act, which the sponsors said would reduce the number of abortions in California, was nullified, along with all other state abortion laws, by Roe v. Wade. Proposition 1 will mean, and is clearly intended to mean, unrestricted abortion through all of pregnancy. If Judge Kopp wants to endorse that, that is his right. But to try to resurrect Ronald Reagan and suggest in any way, shape or form that he might approve of Proposition 1 is dishonest. I hate to apply that word to Judge Kopp, but it is the only word that fits. 

Albert Alioto

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