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Letter to the Editor: Traffic Circle at Parker and Euclid a Hazard


As we just discussed, please see my email regarding concerns about the traffic circle at Parker and Euclid.  Any help in bringing attention and resolution to the problem is greatly appreciated.

Jamie Parks, SFMTA:

I am writing to you to see what can be done about the traffic circle at the intersection of Parker and Euclid in the Jordan Park neighborhood. It is unsafe for pedestrians and cars. Speak with anyone in this neighborhood and they will confirm that many car accidents have occurred, especially in the late night hours. One of my neighbors had his car totaled when it was parked at the NW corner of Parker/Euclid.

The circle does not have good visibility at night since there are no reflective devices to make it obvious.  Cars typically do not stop nor yield to pedestrian crossing there at any time. Could a traffic light or flashing red lights be installed to resolve the issue? Or, better yet, the circle should be removed altogether.

Many of us have contacted the SFMTA, SFPD  and Supervisor Stefani about this issue with no response.

Any response and attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.

Ophelia Salazar

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  1. 100%. I drive that circle everyday. One of the issue is they’re growing all that stuff inside the circle (and it’s growing HIGHER), so it obscures the view of cars coming in the opposite direction and on your left.


    • You should not be looking at the other side of a traffic circle when entering. Auto traffic only approaches your entry from the left. Plants in the middle do not obscure the visibility to the left and circulating traffic is not going fast enough for and danger.
      As an all-way stop, there should be no issues and visibility to the left can be improved by removing one parking space for each entry.


  2. The Street View shows a traffic circle at an all-way stop.
    Is it a circle problem, or an enforcement problem.
    If drivers are not stopping at the stop signs now for pedestrians, what makes you think removing the circle will help?


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