Letter to the Editor: Free Tai Chi Chih Classes in the Sunset

For readers of the Sunset Beacon:  There is a new Tai Chi Chih class happening at 40th Avenue and Vicente Street at the South Sunset Community Center.  Classes are held outdoors, right near the playground/basketball courts. They are taught by master Tai Chi Chih practitioner Judy Hubbell.  Judy is a former voice faculty member at City College and also was director of its Older Adult Program.  She is a longtime practitioner of both TCC and yoga.  

The free classes are a partnership with SF Rec. and Park and Self Help for the Elderly.  They meets on Tuesday afternoons, 1-2:30 p.m.  There are currently over 20 students.  Watching the group in action is a beautiful experience; Judy has a soundtrack on that perfectly complements the flowing movements.

Recently, District 4 Supervisor Gordon Mar made an appearance and spoke to the crowd;  Rec. and Park folks were also on hand because they are planning to renovate the building.  

Tai Chi Chih is an abbreviated form of the more well-known Tai Chi Chuan.  It is a gentler moving meditation practice that falls under the umbrella of Qi Gong.  Benefits include relaxation and stress reduction, and better balance, posture and alignment.

Lynne Rappaport

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