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Letter to the Editor: Abortion is Animalistic


In the August 2022 Sunset Beacon article written by Kate Quach regarding “Students Join Local Demonstrations Protesting Reversal of Roe v. Wade,” not one of the protesters, nor the readers of this article, have been benefited by ‘Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights  for they are still alive and their Mothers have stood Up 4 Right to Life .

When our forefathers wrote the Constitution, they avoided writing anything about abortion, for it was not a government’s power to do so. That belonged to the individual. Thus, it did not belong in the Bill of Rights as a God-given right. None of the protesters can presume to be wiser than our forefathers. ,

Even the Virgin Mary, Jesus’s mother, did not choose abortion for the fetus of Jesus. There is the issue of reincarnation, which humans are said to do hundreds of times. The Dalai Lama, the priest of Buddhism of Tibetan deity of the Tibetans, also believes in runcination. My wife of 63 years said that we have lived together in five prior lives.

To love and be loved is said to be human, but to kill, murder or abort one’s fetus is said to be animalistic. Yet the human fetus is so important to the survival of the state that governments will pay pregnant mothers cash money for each one and also your human fetus may count for s dependent on your income tax form. So the Supreme Court was correct in its decision.

Frank. T Norton

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  1. This is the new intolerant San Francisco. Coup d’etat against Progressive DA Chesa Boudin. Now the intolerant anti Choice know nothings are invading. They must be repelled.


  2. You have a distorted confusing argument here when you say our forefather’s “avoided writing anything about abortion, for it was not a government’s power to do so. That belonged to the individual” but then say the supreme court was right to give state government’s the right to ban abortion and take away that individual right.

    Our forefathers could not have foreseen the internet, automobiles, and airplanes, so whether or not they are smarter or wiser than the current generation is completely irrelevant. They used to call it “getting her menses back” in the 1800’s

    Women will die because corporate health care providers will be afraid to get sued. Women will have to carry stillborn infants and risk death simply because abortions are illegal. Women who cross state line will have to be subject to invasive privacy issues proving they aren’t pregnant. Abortions actually decrease when abortion is a legal right.

    And please stop it with the religion stuff. This is not a moral issue at all because abortion is not murder unless you are religious zealot. Calling it murder was orchestrated by the Republicans in the 1970s to create a wedge issue so they could divide the middle classes with culture wars. Stoking the religious beliefs of people so they can vote the right way in elections.

    If you care about life so much, why don’t you adopt the babies that get born, or volunteer to help fatherless, parentless children.

    Put up or shut up. Puhlease.

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  3. With each generation since Roe v Wade crime rates have decreased dramatically in Our Country and studies have linked that decrease to dramatic reductions in the amount of unwanted, unloved, neglected, abused fetuses brought into Our World.
    Sadly the reversal of RvW bodes very poorly for Our national well being in about a dozen years when the influx of abuse victims reach puberty and begin to unleash the fury of their rage on our society. Woe too to the millions of innocent young women whose lives will be destroyed by the burden of forced motherhood, or the literal yesteryear horrors of back alley rapist/ abortion providers with their unsterilized tools as women seek out reproductive health services as exploited, terrified, criminals.
    And shame on our misogynistic culture pretending to be rallying behind unwanted fetuses and instantaneously turning its back on those children at birth. The allocation of our resources clearly demonstrates that we are infinitely more interested in the art of war/ murder than on improving the lot of our most helpless. Otherwise we would have top notch national health care, extensive parental leave policies for those crucial first 3 years of development, prodigious welfare benefits to ensure all of our most vulnerable are well cared for. Our foster care system would be staffed to the gills with the most qualified childcare specialists. Our education system would be nurturing the growth and development of superior intellects.
    Blah blah blah, point being, as a culture we despise children. It’s blatantly obvious in every dollar we begrudge them, in every poorly run, understaffed, underfunded program we have and the countless ones we regularly eliminate. You might pretend to love children while they’re inside the female body you insist you have a right to control, but don’t think for a second that you’re fooling anyone into believing that you’re protecting children.


  4. Well, l have a family of three girls and 8 grand children and got married at the age of 9 , and retired at the age of 74 years, F ,and was married until my wife died after 63 years of marriage . So l know what l speak .Regarding a healthy SF the City needs to remove the homeless to an internment camp like was done with the Japanese Americans during WW ll .lf wishes were fishes we would fry them and eat them . God fearing parents do not abort their unborn children . So there l said it !

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  5. I am shocked Richmond Review would publish what you just wrote. “Homeless….internment camps.” I know San Francisco has gone off the Deep End with the political lynching of Chesa Boudin and our new Puppet DA Brooke Jenkins. But this is too crazy even for the New Police State of San Francisco


  6. Wow, so your solution is to put people into internment camps or turning them into soylent green? I don’t know if you are being cute or smug, but it’s not funny.

    I thought we defeated the nazi’s in 1945.

    The solution to the homeless problem is more affordable housing. Period. The number one factor that differentiates urban environments with high homelessness to low homelessness is the cost of housing.

    I wouldn’t consider outsourcing homeless to private for-profit prisons the same thing.

    I’m glad you feel free to speak your mind Mr. Norton, but you aren’t thinking this through, because once you cross that line, there is no going back, and you are a fool if you think it will be better.

    First they came for the immigrants, but I was not an immigrant, so I did nothing.
    Then they came for the homeless, but I had a house, so I stayed home and did nothing.
    Then they came for the non-religious, and since I was religious and god-fearing, I figured all was good.
    Then they decided my god was not their god, and came for me, but at that point, there was no one left to save me.

    Those who forget their history, repeat.


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